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Temporary Brain Stimulation

Welcome to - the site about random things (but not about fish). Whether you are in the mood to learn something new, laugh at some cartoons, or just here to play flash games thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay.

Things to do and view

Check out the Online Game Arcade. Featuring sports, puzzles, action games and more. Post your high scores and challenge your friends.

Tons of Optical Illusions for you to enjoy and ponder. These arn't the same illusions you see everywhere else.

The Cartoon and Humor pages are operating at about 20% of capacity. But you still might enjoy it... briefly.

Check out our magic trick section. Learn some fun card, street, bar and other magic tricks. Photos and videos have been included for some of the tricks.

And another topic unrelated to anything else on the site:

Home Remedies. From dog fleas to hangovers... learn some strange solutions to everyday problems.

Be a shark instead of a fish when you play online poker.

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