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About Our Staff

Ari, the intern, is a magical green dog that looks like a Labrador Retriever only smaller (and green).

She is great at fetching the mail, getting coffee and running errands.

Ari hopes to one day read and write English so that she can produce political editorials for our site. Because she can't read, she won't know that I am telling you that we will never have political editorials on

We are not sure how this 2- year-old got hired, but it probably has something to do with his mother being Toni.

David's main function at is to remind us not to work too hard, and to take the time to roll around on the floor with our tongues stuck out.

No one knows what Tracy does at But, she likes to wear a cowboy hat and cape while yelling "You're Fired!" randomly at the rest of us.

I guess that makes her our manager.

In her spare time, Tracy enjoys jumping in puddles and watching re-runs of "The Apprentice".

Toni is the designer, developer, and writer for She has almost as many interests and hobbies as she does freckles.

Instead of going to college and having a career, she decided to make babies and become a "freelance everything". She isn't interested in emails or comments about the grammer and spelling on this site -- when she is rich, she will hire an editor. Shine on you crazy diamond.

Officially known as the "Junior Designer" of our organization, Sarah's other informal duties include cooking hotdogs and mashed potatoes.

Sarah is currently studying French in the first grade. She enjoys sleeping in, Pop Rocks, and powerful magnets.

She loves "dot-coms" and keeps a box of them in her pocket.


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