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Dog Training and Tricks

A collection of dog tricks and training techniques from the basics like "Sit" and "Roll Over" to cool and complex tricks like fetching items from the fridge.

Basic Dog Tricks

Advanced Tricks and Techinques

Here are some cool dog tricks for over-achieving canines and their patient owners:

Works in progress, check back soon:

Dog Training

Dog & Puppy Training Basics - Learn the basics of house training, how to curb the biting instinct and other neccessities.

Intermediate to Advanced Dog Training and Obedience - Now that you and your dog has the basics down, you can focus on furthering your dog's skills.

Reference and Supplies

Pet Supplies

Dog Training Books - Work in progress.

Dog Training Supplies - Work in progress.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you learned some fun techniques and tricks for your dog. Also take a look around the rest of our website... there are tons of other neat boredom relief goodies and info to enjoy.

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