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Game Arcade

So many games, so much time to waste...

Sports Games

Air Hockey
It's air hockey, what else can I say?

Hit as many homers as possible.

Bowling Master
Another great bowling game.

Tennis Ace
A short description with 2 lines.

Mini Nitros
Fun racing game... with nitros.

MiniPool 2
Unique and addicting gameplay.

Nice graphics and fun to play.

Unique and addicting gameplay.

Are you the sharpest shooter.

Puzzle Games

Blox Forever
Great game for a brain workout.

Crash Down
Cross between tetris and columns.

Magic Balls
Clear the board as you race the clock.

Match Bugs
Fast, fun and totally frustrating.

How about a game of solitare?

Lucky Balls
Nice graphics: an addictive game.

Connect Two
Addicting little puzzle game.

Fish Eat Fish
Short but fun game. Plus it has fish!

Addicting multi-level game.

Unique and spooky graphics.

Chinese Checkers
Another classic brought to the web.

Flash Ludo
Classic game brought to the web.

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