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Magic Tricks

Tons of magic tricks for you to learn at your leisure.

In a world where everyone stresses over loans and debts, wouldn't it be nice to learn a few tricks that could take you out of your funk? Learning magic tricks is both fun and stress-relieving, not to mention good for your social skills too. On this page we have tons of magic tricks for you to learn at your leisure.

Where available, pictures and/or videos have been provided to assist in the trick explainations.

We recommend having a deck of cards (or other required material) at hand while reading the tricks, so that you can practice as you read.

Card Tricks

Easy Card Tricks - For kids and beginners. Start here to learn some basic tricks to practice so that you can become familiar with card handling and the basics.


Intermediate to Advanced Card Tricks - Tricks that are more complicated or require some card handling skills like false shuffles, palming, etc. If you don't know card trick terminology, check out the glossary first.


Special Card Tricks - Card tricks that require extra materials and/or special preparation.


More Magic Tricks

Beginner Magic Tricks - Learn some basic magic tricks that only require materials you probably already have laying around the house..

Bar & Pub Tricks - Magic tricks that are suitable to performing at your local bar or pub, and a good way to garner some free drinks.

Magic Reference and Supplies

Card Trick Glossary - Common terms in card tricks.

Magician Tools and Equipment - Overview of common tools and equipment that magicians use.

Magic Secrets

David Copperfield's Secrets - Learn how David Copperfield made a Jumbo Jet vanish and other secrets. coming soon

David Blaine's Secrets - Learn how David Blaine's levitation secrets and more. coming soon



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